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Hoi An is one of the world cultural heritages, specially it used to be on of the busiest and important trading port during the 15th - the 19th century, and nothing speaks of romance quite like a Hoi An sunset dinner cruise.

Welcome Aboard !
Join us aboard the Cinnamon Cruises to experience a unique interlude you will remember forever. Our sunset dinner cruise is the perfect opportunity to take in the beauty and wonder of Hoi An while your cares slip away...

Cinnamon Cruises offers a range of public cruises and private charter in the heart of Hoi An City. Our cruises are designed to suit all tastes, from lazy lunchtime cruises, sunset dinner cruises and cooking cruises, to special occasion dinners and parties afloat.

Cruising on the calm Thu Bon River offers a taste of a slower life, where cares drift away with the gentle flow of the water and life’s pleasures can be enjoyed to their utmost.

Cinnamon Cruises always endeavour to meet and exceed your expectations. You plan your cruise and you can be assured this will be an unforgettable way to experience your vacations in Hoi An.



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